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2 Minute Video: Analyze Your Audience For Group Presentations

Group presentations are a great opportunity to share your message and significantly increase your sphere of influence in a shorter period of time. I’m often asked, “Is there a big difference between the way you share your message one-on-one versus with a group?” The answer is: Yes and no.

Yes, the difference is how you customize your talk to meet the needs of the listeners. For example, just as you would do your homework to customize a presentation for a one-on-one meeting, you will need to do a little analysis for a group presentation as well. The key is to determine your intention and work towards your goal from the beginning. What is your desired outcome for your group presentation? What do you want to happen?

Once you have defined your goal, ask yourself, “How do I best connect with the audience?” You need to understand the demographics and basic backgrounds of the listeners in your group so that you can customize your presentation to grab their attention.

What does not change is the core “case” of your message. Your three main ideas and the evidence to support your talking points will most likely stay the same, whether you are speaking one-on-one, small group, or large group. The illustrations, however, may vary. (Example: If you have multiple generations in attendance at your group presentation.)

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