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Article: Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something…

I know there are some people who don’t like to use the “s” word: Sales. Instead, they resort to alternative phrases such as business development, marketing and promotions, consultative advising, etc. That’s just semantics – The simple fact is if it’s transactional or you have an “ask,” it’s sales. At some point in time, most people will participate in the role of selling. Whether it’s to sell a product, a service, a philosophy or an idea (even when a person is on a job interview or going for a promotion), everybody sells something. I think the famous quote from Henry Ford, “nothing happens until somebody sells something,” still rings true.

In our latest Presenters’ Post Newsletter, there’s a fun video clip of a not so great “Sales Pitch” that is entertaining to watch and serves to remind us of how important it is to craft a persuasive and compelling message no matter what you’re selling.

In the newsletter you will find a 2-minute clip of a scene from the classic television program “The Andy Griffith Show.” I hope you will take a moment to watch. In the clip, a young boy named Opie sits down with his father, Andy to negotiate for a higher allowance. (This would fall into the sales category, and as an added bonus, the “straight talk” message about the value of working hard is timeless and quite funny.)

After you watch the clip, take a moment to think about it from a sales presentation perspective. What could Opie have done differently to “make his case more compelling.” Where did his message miss the mark?


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