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Article: It doesn’t have to be perfect to work… but you still have to prepare, practice, and take action!

When it comes to presentation opportunities, we all want to perform our best, whether it is a big call with a key decision maker, a brief talk at a meeting, or a full blown sales presentation with a highly desirable prospect – The goal is to do our best and get the next appointment, the win or the deal!

The Challenge: It is rare (if ever) that a person’s first effort flows perfectly. It takes time. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes mistakes and little fumble moments happen. As a result, “do overs” are a natural part of the game!

Little things can throw you off. Nervous energy, outside distractions, or even a cold can cause a misstep. But don’t let that stop you! Hit the reset button and go again…and again.

Sometimes, in an effort to make sure things are perfect, you can tinker too much or overthink a situation which could lead to a “failure to launch.”

My video team lovingly put together a bloopers reel of a few of my personal missteps when recording messages and presentations, (thanks, Dean!) so I thought I would share it with you. I am not perfect, far from it. I make mistakes but I know I still have to try. Embarrassing and humbling, yes, though I have learned to laugh about it and it makes the whole thing a more positive experience. (I’m supposed to be a professional, right?) Hope it makes you laugh a bit too and serves as a reminder that we are all human, just trying to do the best we can every day. Click the link below to read the latest newsletter and view the bloopers reel:


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