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New Research Study Explores Common Presentation Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Today’s Market

This national study builds on our previous work in the area of sales presentation and is being released in three phases (research project installments). The goal is to further examine the art and science of crafting an effective message to move a transaction forward. Our new findings are already helping people avoid critical presentation pitfalls and improve their results. We are pleased to present this important research for your review.

In these reports, you will find:

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Insights into the habits of today's working professionals

Cover Phase One

Phase 1

Now Available

The first phase of the study, released on March 4, 2020, examined the habits of more than 2,500 sales professionals whose livelihoods depend on their ability to build and deliver persuasive presentations. This research helped clarify the different types of presentation mistakes made and their relevance in today’s professional sales environment. The findings of this report provide empirical support for twelve common presentation mistakes professionals make and their implications for buyers and sellers. The findings reflect an entirely pre-pandemic work environment.

Self Reported Data

Phase Two Cover

Phase 2

Now Available

Shortly after the release of the Phase One report, due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, we observed that video conferencing platforms were emerging as the dominant presentation tool, and we could begin to see additional data that deserved exploration. We designed a second phase of the study, and the objective was to gain a greater understanding of the impact of the most common presentation mistakes made within a predominantly virtual work environment. This installment also looks at comparisons between the Phase One and Phase Two results.

Key Research Findings

Cover Phase Three

Phase 3: Coming 2023

Coming Soon

Phase Three of the research study is now in full swing and will provide empirical clarification on business and sales presentations in a post-pandemic world. Additionally, the third report will examine the presentation mistakes’ overall prevalence and impact across in-person, virtual, and hybrid settings. Finally, the longitudinal approach of this three-part study will provide greater understanding of how sales professionals are adapting to a continually changing work environment. (Scheduled to be released in 2023)

This research was born from a simple yet significant question:
Does making a sales presentation mistake in person, or via a video conferencing platform impact the outcome or the ability to move a transaction forward?
Our research says yes.

What Makes This Research Unique?

  • Participants
    The research survey solely targeted business professionals whose livelihoods depend on their ability to build and deliver persuasive presentations whether they promote a product, service, or cause.
  • Transparency and Narrow Focus
    The entirety of the data on sales presentation mistakes was self-reported by sales professionals. The survey questioned participants about the practice of delivering and observing sales presentations.

IN the report(s) you will find:

  • Overviews of Key Research Findings from each phase, which includes the study data and methodology
  • Interesting insights including the list of 12 “stand out” sales presentation mistakes that professionals identified as significantly impacting the ability to move a transaction forward or achieving their goal.
  • The “Big 3” – There are three mistakes’ participants self-reported committing above all others in each research project installment.
  • The #1 mistake sales professionals reported seeing “others” make.
  • And much more!

The entirety of this data on sales presentations mistakes was self-reported by sales professionals for sales professionals.

State of Sales Presentation 2022

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State of Sales Presentations Research
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