About Sjodin Communications

Founded in 1990, Sjodin Communications is a public speaking, sales training and consulting firm, based in Newport Beach, CA.

Our mission is to provide our clients with training and development programs that help them to deliver more polished, creative, and persuasive presentations that generate results.

We offer:

  • Keynote Addresses
  • Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Half Day Seminars
  • Small Group Workshops
  • The Train-the-Trainer Facilitator Licensing Program
  • Books, Audio Books and Video Programs

“Everybody sells something, whether it is a product, a service, a philosophy, an idea, or when you are selling yourself on a job interview or for a promotion. Everybody sells something!”

— Terri Sjodin

Sjodin Communications: History (A little back story)

While many small business owners may begin their story by sharing the tales of starting their company from a garage or a spare room in their home. Terri Sjodin smiles when she tells the story about building her fledging company Sjodin Communication on November 15, 1990 from the spare room… in her room.

Initially, Sjodin Communications promoted public seminar events, and coaching workshops on presentation skills, and then grew to provide in-house training for corporations and associations. Over a short period of time the company messaging and programs became much more specialized, focusing specifically on the development of persuasive presentation skills that generate specific outcomes.

“So much has happened since those early days we grew from my room (and kitchen table), to a shared office space with another company in Irvine, CA. Then about a year or two later we moved to our own office space in Fountain Valley, CA (where I grew up). I really wanted to shift the energy of the office, and be closer to the beach, so we moved to our current location on Balboa Island, in Newport Beach, CA. in June of 2001. I love it here and  Sjodin Communications continues to grow from this lovely location.”

Today, Sjodin Communications has developed a proven track record, and solid reputation for delivering outstanding seminars, training programs, materials, consulting and workshops.

Sjodin Communications 33rd Anniversary: November 1990 – November 2023


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