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Does Your Presentation Pass The “So What” Test?

Posted April 20, 2011 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, New Sales Speak, Public Speaking, Sales Presentations, Training and Development

Terri Sjodin Live PresentationGreat success stories begin with small wins along the way…one more contact created, one more appointment booked, one more deal closed. One more obstacle that was overcome! It is after all, part of the journey. However, it is not uncommon to feel frustrated or stuck every once in a while…and that’s okay…we are here to help.

Whatever you are selling, whether it be your own skills, a product, an event, a service or an idea, it must come across as something your prospect or listener needs. Otherwise, they really are just listening to you reel off facts and features and nifty little promises. These sound nice, maybe even interesting, but not compelling.

Your proposition or case must be built in such a way that it’s recognized as necessary and vital to your prospect’s continued success. In short, what you’re putting out there has to pass what I like to call the “So what?” test.


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