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Has “technology contact” replaced the “human contact”?

Posted December 09, 2011 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, Mentoring, Public Speaking, Sales Presentations, Training and Development

My blackberry died, on Wednesday morning.  I immediately took it to the Verizon store, and they ordered a replacement for me.  Okay…about 24 hours without a cell phone, or instant email access—hmmm. Interesting. At first, I was uncomfortable…I admit it.  But then, I got over it. Embraced it….and moved forward.  Yes, I went “old school”– limited to land lines and email.

I kinda liked it.

I enjoyed shopping, driving and dining without interruption.  Guess what? When people can’t text you or get you by cell phone – they will call your home line, and leave a message, so you can call back when you have dedicated time, and give your 100% attention!  I like calls better; I want to hear your voice.  And it made me think…

In our pursuit of embracing technology, to establish contact with our clients, and prospects or even our friends for that matter… have we let the pendulum swing too far to the tech side?

I know it’s important to have a good internet presence –  to have a great website, send impactful emails, employ an effective social media strategy… text, IM, Facebook, Youtube, tweet, etc…but  that’s only part of the “contact” in today’s relationships — real rich communication is about truly connecting!   Unfortunately, for some people, (and organizations) “technology contact” has replaced the “human contact”.

Sharing your message, building and maintaining relationships, networking and then presenting your idea is a contact sport!  You need to engage in “real life” human to human connecting – in person! (or at least in an engaging quality conversation over the telephone!)

So, this holiday season, make an extra effort to “step away from your computer”- get back out in the field – have a really good meeting.  Talk on the phone –don’t send 15 emails back and forth, have a conversation!  Instead of texting, or sending an email…make the call, set up visit!  Take the initiative to invest more of yourself in your contact, with your business and your personal relationships.   It makes a difference. You will be glad you did!

The forced break from my blackberry was a great reminder for me…message received. 🙂   TS

[Disclaimer – Now that you have finished reading this missive…it’s okay to step away from your computer. 🙂 ]


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