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Is Your Presentation Overly Informative?

In our State of Sales Presentations Research Study one of the most common mistakes seasoned professionals “self-identified” as a key issue that may have cost them the win, the deal or the next opportunity was data-dumping — delivering an overly informative vs. persuasive presentation.

Of course, every solid presentation requires a certain amount of “data”, but the best sales consultations are a combination of rock-solid arguments paired with thought-provoking stories and evidence to support your key talking points.

Consider this…if you have been meeting with a good number of prospects, (virtually and/or in-person) but haven’t seen enough conversion, is there a chance your calls/messages/presentations have slipped into the overly informative zone?

Remember, it’s a teacher’s job to be informative and promote learning, but a salesperson must craft a compelling message that inspires curiosity and moves people towards action.

For more on this topic, check out the 2-minute video tip “Building Your Persuasive Case” on our YouTube channel.  Hope this helps. TS

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