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Article: Closing Effectively to Achieve Results

(With video link to Terri’s interview on “closing”
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If there is something to gain and nothing to lose by asking, by all means – ask!

— W. Clement Stone

We are still working away on the Sales Presentation Research Study and now have over 2500 sales professionals who have participated in the survey and self-assessment research.  The data is quite interesting…and I look forward to sharing the results report with you in January 2020. In the meantime, I thought I would share a helpful piece of data on “closing” as you roll into the Fall selling season.

Challenge: We are seeing a consistent pattern where, despite being experienced “Sales Professionals”, many respondents report that one of the more challenging (and costly) issues they deal with when presenting is “Failing to Close the Sale” at the end of their presentation.

Here’s an example of how it plays out… In small group training workshops we ask participants to deliver a brief sales presentation from start to finish.  (They could be selling a product, a service, or a cause). Most talks are good – pleasant to listen to, informative, interesting and then… the presenter “wraps up” and asks if there are any questions.  Afterward, we review it as a group and discuss what can be done to make it even better.

The results?  The overriding realization is that many people do not close – they conclude and that’s it.  The presenters rarely ask their listener or prospect to “do” anything, like work specifically with them, take the next steps in buying their product or service, or even set up the next appointment time.

After giving a presentation that is not only informative but persuasive as well, why would we hinder our chances of “moving a transaction forward” by not closing?  Perhaps it is because we mistake a “conclusion” for a “close”.  One of the leading reasons why sales professionals do not ask for an action step at the end of their presentation is because they fear rejection.  This fear makes closing uncomfortable, so they just skip it.

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