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Terri’s Quick Review of the First Presidential Debate

Posted October 04, 2012 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, Public Speaking, Small Message Big Impact

If you were to “judge” the debates based on the three fundamental criteria in Small Message, Big Impact – Case, Creativity, Delivery… Who won? (For more info see SMBI, Chapter 4- It’s Not One Thing, it’s Three Things)

1. Case — Did the Candidate build a solid, persuasive case, employing clean, logical arguments and evidence to support their points. (Winner: Romney)

2. Creativity — Did the Candidate offer illustrations of the talking points in a fresh and creative way? Did they blend thoughtful analysis and/or interesting messages that Americans can really relate to? (Winner: Romney)

3. Delivery —Did the speaker connect? Did they present their message in their own authentic voice. (Winner: Romney)

Terri’s Debate Score card – Debate Winner: Romney

Just a debate review, no need to make this political, just a presentation assessment. *

*Note: I have complimented Obama’s delivery in the past… but last night of the two candidates Romney won in all three areas: Case, Creativity and Delivery. Let’s all try to leave our party politics out of it and evaluate this debate and future events thru the lens of a nonpartisan debate judge.

Just a thought… TS

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