Client Letters

Terri’s Seminars & Keynotes address one of the hottest topics for professional development in today’s market.

Persuasive Presentation Skills

Terri’s ability to breakdown the complicated and often intimidating subject of communication and public speaking was impressive. The organization and delivery of each session helped drive her lessons home and brought to life the important aspects of a persuasive presentation in real life context. Her captivating approach to this topic draws the audience in and enlightens even the most seasoned presenters. From the first session to the last, Terri’s thoughtful content impressed our team and inspired them to incorporate her lessons into their day-to-day work.

Meghan Barberich
Director Ad Sales Marketing, A+E Television Networks, LLC

Over the last 20 years I have had many opportunities to observe sales trainers, motivational speakers, and various business communication experts and I must say, you rank up there with the very best I’ve ever seen. Your enthusiasm is contagious and your energy is invigorating. Moreover, your experience, confidence and credibility shine through. You dont just talk about selling, you actually do it! I experienced it first hand when you sold me and thats not such an easy thing to do. You do more than simply inform – you persuade!

Michael E. Berumen
Senior Vice President, PM Group

While you dont necessarily view yourself as a motivational speaker, your presentation style and information that you share does in fact motivate! Our salespeople left excited about putting into practice what they learned. Thank you!

Erv Hall
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp

You won’t find a more captivating, enthusiastic, humorous, and street savvy speaker than Terri Sjodin.

Jessica Lawless
Assistant Director, Northwestern Mutual

You are truly an outstanding professional and thanks for energizing our audience. We value your unique presentation style and the time you take to customize your program to meet the needs of our group.

Jean Hoagland
Senior Vice President, Realogy Event Marketing

The feedback I have received about your talk was fantastic. Everyone benefited from your message, and they identified very well with you.

Eric Otterbein
National Sales Director, TAP Pharmaceuticals

They loved you and your message! Thank you for being part of our annual convention. Our dealers needed to hear that 99 percent of selling is dependent on your presentation.

Nancy Jewell
Publicity Director, Viking Sewing Machines, Inc.

Your programs contain powerful, straight-forward techniques and tools that our people are able to employ immediately. Thank you!

Dennis Culver
Divisional Vice President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Fantastic! Your presentation to the members of the House Republican Conference got rave reviews. I know there were a lot of members and staff who really appreciated your help. As we head into a key election cycle, so many of the tips you offered will be crucial. Thank you again for your time and all your efforts.

Deborah Pryce
Chairman, House Republican Conference

The importance of strong communication skills cannot be overstated in todays business world. Terri shows us how to enhance our ability to reach even higher goals through more persuasive communication.

Randy Quirk
President, Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

Terri Sjodin delivers. While she came to us highly recommended, she definitely exceeded our expectations. Her presentation was the highlight of our event and comments heard from attendees included: “Terri’s presentation was excellent. Not only did she give me some great ideas to help me be a better presenter, but I found it very entertaining as well.” We would have Terri back again. Thanks for helping make our event a success.

Lynda Svenson Green
Regional Development Officer, Smith Barney
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