“Scrappy” Named One of the Top Ten Business Books of 2016 by

Posted December 17, 2016 by Staff contributor Shep Hyken with "Scrappy"“Scrappy: A Little Book about Choosing to Play Big by Terri Sjodin (Penguin Random House 2016) – If you have ever met Terri Sjodin, you would likely use the word scrappy to describe her. She rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done. She gets what she wants because she is scrappy – willing to think differently, work harder and do what others might not be willing to do. Sjodin teaches us her process for thinking differently to get greater results. You might want to increase sales, manage a difficult team, find a way to cut expenses, land a new client – there is opportunity for “scrappiness” in virtually any part of business. It’s a special mindset, and Sjodin shares research and case studies that will help get you thinking in a scrappy way.”

– contributor, Shep Hyken

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