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Don’t just think of the elevator speech as a generic tool you use in chance moments…

Posted September 17, 2012 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, Book Launch, Public Speaking, Sales Presentations, Small Message Big Impact, The Elevator Speech

Have you ever looked through a Kaleidoscope? The slightest rotation and movement of the bits of glass at the bottom of the tube results in a continually shifting pattern of colors and shapes…all it takes is a small adjustment here or there and you have a dazzling montage of new possibilities…I believe the elevator speech can be just as dazzling when pushed or pulled in a different direction or used in a wide range of spaces.

Don’t just think of the elevator speech as a generic tool you use in chance moments—consider the concept as a strategy to manage multiple talking points and in other creative ways as well!

In Small Message, Big Impact we talk about “Plus-ing” the elevator speech concept, and ask you the reader to consider the following question… How can you morph your talking points and messages to be used in different ways, and on multiple platforms to reach a broader audience?

Our 75 second SMBI book trailer is an example of the “plus-ing” the elevator speech concept…check it out:

It has had almost 20,000 views in less than month…It would be pretty tough for me to personally deliver my SMBI Elevator Speech 20,000 times in less than 30 days.

Just something to think about in your world as well. 🙂 Have a great week! TS

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