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Here We Go…7 Days Until The Book Launch of Small Message, Big Impact!

Posted May 25, 2011 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, Book Launch, Small Message Big Impact, The Elevator Speech

“You can wish, dream, hope and pray…but as the old African proverb suggests…When you pray, move your feet!” –Author Unknown

So, here we go…7 days until the book launch of Small Message, Big Impact – unbelievable! This has been quite a journey…3+ years. I wondered at times if it would happen. Truly, writing any book is only the beginning…not the end. The quest for a publisher, the rejection…the rejection, did I mention the rejection. Then there’s the review team, and editing – ugh –  red editing ink,  then there’s the production time, and then all the marketing,  prelaunch and  pre-sale work and then fun little unforeseen challenges prior to launch, — finally the “official release date”…and a lot of hoping and praying all the way.

I am excited, nervous and hopeful. So, before the real craziness begins I want to say thank you again, to everyone who has been a part of this project with me.  I Love you!

I know one thing for sure, “Come What May”…win or lose whatever happens, I have given it 100%.  I will put my head on my pillow as I go to sleep  on May 31st  knowing I did the best I could with what I know, and I will wake up and celebrate on June 1st with my friends and family…let the next chapter of this adventure begin!

I am posting the formal Acknowledgments section here from the book…I realize many people skip over the acknowledgments, but I want those who supported me to get the recognition they deserve!

And, I want to add two names to my acknowledgements that were not listed at the time of printing, but who have been a tremendous asset to me in the last few months…Allie Dreiling-Marion, my new National Marketing Coordinator at Sjodin Communications and my dear friend Tiffany Ashland!   You girls are the best!

Big Hugs, Terri

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