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What is The Elevator Speech Effect?

Posted April 18, 2011 by Terri Sjodin in Archive, Mentoring, Public Speaking, Sales Presentations, Small Message Big Impact, The Elevator Speech, Training and Development

butterfly&stopwatch_hiresFINAL[1]My concept of the “Elevator Speech Effect” was inspired by MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz’s notion of the “Butterfly Effect,” a phenomenon, backed by the laws of physics, which suggests that a small change in one side of the world could result in a massive difference on the other side. For instance, the flutter of a butterfly’s wings in one hemisphere could change the path of a tornado in the opposite hemisphere.

In our case, the “Elevator Speech Effect” explores a similar concept of cause and effect, namely how a brief presentation, delivered by one person in pursuit of his or her goals and dreams, can initiate a sequence of events resulting in dramatic and amazing opportunities far into the future.

The Elevator Speech + Butterfly Effect = Elevator Speech Effect

To learn more about the “Elevator Speech,” click here.


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